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About Radar Guns And Detectors

One might have surely come across the words radar gun, radar detector and radar detectors detector. You may also be using one such detector even in your car. But, do you know what is radar and what is it to do with the radar gun? Here is a crisp note on it.


Radar is a short form of Radio Detection And Ranging. It is one way of detecting objects in the atmosphere using radio waves. In other words, Radar is a technique which uses radio waves to detect any objects from where it is emitted.

Why is it used?

One may get a question on mind why this radar is used. A flying airplane is the best example to understand it more clearly. When a plane flies up in the sky, the pilot cannot view what comes in front of the plane as the aircraft will be surrounded by heavy fogs and clouds. So, a radar signal is sent from the airplane which will be in the form of radio waves.  When this radio wave is hit by an obstacle, it returns to the source. By calculating the time taken for the radio waves to reach the aircraft, the radar will warn the pilot about the obstacle and he can divert the plane accordingly.

Radar guns and radar detectors

The similar case is used in radar guns that are used by the cops to detect the vehicles that cross the speed limit. When a cop shoots his radar gun against a vehicle, the radio waves travels through the air and returns back to it when it hits the vehicle. By calculating the time taken for the radio wave to reach the gun and depending on the speed of the police car, the radar can point out the speed of the car, which the police is behind.

Radar detectors were introduced to detect these emitted radio waves from the gun. There are several detectors used by cops but the best police radar detector can detect a speeding vehicle irrespective of whether that vehicle has a radar detector or not.