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The Best radar detectors are those that are able to correctly identify the presence of police signal and at the same time, eliminate irrelevant information. The all-time favorite detectors are those that have some of these features. Here is an outline of some of those features.


The timing of alerting the driver is an important feature in the Radar detectors. There is no use if the driver is alerted at the last minute. The earlier the detection is made and alerted, the more time the driver gets to slow down his vehicle. If the Road is an open road, then the detector must be able to warn about radars operating within a mile’s range. In the case of urban areas, the detectors must give an alert within a 0.25 miles range. In general, radar detectors need to be sensitive in detecting signals.

Detection of POP System

Radar technology is like a cat and rat chase. When there is a new detection technology invented, the radar devices of the police find a new technology to shield their device. POP guns are one such technology that sends short signals that cannot be easily picked by radar detectors. But there are some detectors that pickup signals from such POP guns.


Many detectors are powered by batteries and this makes them more portable. Detectors also need to have a fast and easy setup.

Auto-Learn Functionality

The auto-learn feature is the ability to identify false alarm sports and mark them so that they can be used as a future reference. For this feature, GPS is an integral part in the detectors.

Radar Detectors like the Escort Passport Max 2, Escort 9500ix and Valentine One have these features incorporated in them. Anyone of this radar detector is my favorite this year and I am sure to recommend them to you.…

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